News!!! Thanks to a fundraising Booksale dedicated to funding our commitment to Jessica, Faith Church's support of her CCF Program is now funded for the next few years!

Meet our Christian Children's Fund sponsored child Jessica

Faith Church would like to introduce you to Jessica, the child Faith is sponsoring through the Children’s Christian’s Fund. Below is a write up about her and her family that we hope you take time to read. Our hope is to be able to send her letters and a view into our world and to keep her safe with all the shots and medicine that she needs in her life. Eventually we will even help her with some of her schooling. If you have anything that you would like to share with her about yourself or Faith Church please feel free to send it in to this email address or to the address of Chris and Therese Wright. Jessica would welcome any words from her new extended family and the cost to you is nothing but a thankful child.


Jessica Paola, better known at home as Paola, is a communicative, playful, friendly, mischievous, cheerful, and helpful little girl. She helps at home by doing some household chores with her mother, Jenny, who is a housewife. She lives with her parents and brothers, Steven and Dennis in a humble one-room dwelling of their own. They have piped water and electricity supply in the house which is made of cement block walls, zinc roof, and cement floors. There home also has a kitchen and a latrine. Everything there is in good condition. Jessica likes to play with dolls and loves dancing. She doesn't have any physical handicaps and her health is good.

Jessica’s father, Luis, supports the family, working as a day laborer, with an income not higher than one hundred dollars a month, which is not enough to meet the basic family needs.

Jessica’s sponsorship helps her and her family in so many ways. This past year it provided her dental care, medical care and immunizations. It helped her parents with parental training programs on child development which not only help her, but the rest of her family as well.

Jessica and her family live in the Cotapzi area of Equador. Currently the programs that CCF Equador have been working on include water sanitation, nutritional education, farming, orchard growing, and a program called Tool Box for Progress that helps families create micro-enterprises that will improve the family economy. Such enterprises are food preparation, chicken raising, dressmaking, and becoming broccoli and tomato producers. CCF also provides workshops and training for teachers, parents and local leaders.

Faith Episcopal Church is currently trying to raise funds to continue Jessica’s sponsorship for this year and years to come. For more information on making a donation to Jessica contact: Therese & Chris Wright (424-1731) or Michelle Landry (429-3897).

BIRTHDATE : May 25, 1998 (Age 5)
PROJECT : 2679
COUNTRY : Ecuador

Jessica Paola Quinatoa Ch