The complete 2008 Sunday School curriculum through Christmas

symbol_zxtang_candle_smSunday 11/16 we began working on understanding the Eucharist with the younger children during nursery time. The goal is to have all the children ready to lead a service by the end of January. Our topics on Sunday were the Processional at the beginning of each church service and the Gloria, which Dave is teaching the children. If you missed Sunday's class no worries, the words to the Gloria are attached and we will continue to work on that for another few weeks before we add to it.

symbol_neal_aOmega_smSunday 11/23 Christ the King Sunday, is the last Sunday before Advent, so we'll touch briefly on that, continue our work on the service which will include standard responses to the vicar or leader: The Lord be with you...and also with you. Blessed be God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...and blessed be His kingdom, now and forever. Amen. The word of the Lord...Thanks be to God. We will also learn about what the Collect is, the order of the readings and which Psalm and readings well be using during out service. We'll practice some of this in the church after the service.

Sunday 11/30, Advent 1, Our first service in Advent and I would like for the kids to join the service after the Peace and stay as long as they can keep it together so we can experience the differences in the service during Advent and discuss why things are different. I may ask them to write things down or draw some pictures quietly, but be prepared for questions. If they have a hard time staying quiet, we can retreat to the nursery and peek through the peep hole. We will continue to learn the music of the service with Dave after the service and we will prep for our St. Nicholas celebration on the 7th.

Sunday 12/7, Advent 2, Pearl Harbor Day, closest Sunday to the Feast of St. Nicholas. The focus is on St. Nicholas and this will be a whole church celebration. I could use some help with this.

Friday 12/12 - Saturday 12/13, Advent 3, Church overnight, or mock-overnight featuring Evan Almighty video. The children have expressed interest in spending the night in the church, some adults question their ability to hang all night and be functional the next day or two. The decision is to say yes. For those children who can and want to spend the night, we'll be there. For those children who need to be in their own beds, parents can pick up late Friday night. The idea is to allow parents adult time, Christmas prep time, or an evening off to rest up for the Christmas crunch. Pick -up will be at 10am on Saturday so we can clean up for the wedding.

Sunday 12/14, Advent 3 we will continue our work on the service learning about the Nicene Creed and the Prayers of the People, We will write our own version of the Prayers of the People for our service. All this will take place during nursery. The pageant rehearsals may start today and will begin after church. If not, then we will continue to work with Dave on the Gloria and perhaps introduce the Doxology.

Sunday 12/21, Christmas Pageant rehearsals, Nancy's Christmas concert.

symbol_dale_madonna_smWednesday 12/24 Christmas Eve service and Pageant

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 imageSunday 12/28 Christmas party. Dressing up was also a topic that received a lot of attention during the brunch. The children would like to have a dress up/costume party. One suggestion was to dress up as ornaments, but I think we can expand to dress up with a Christmas theme. Since this is typically a carol sing at church, then a party seems natural. I could use some help here also.

This will leave us 3 weeks in January to complete our preparation for the children's service. We can reassess the need to move this service out depending upon how we're progressing.