Faith Episcopal Church is a Mission Church of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire that provides a place of worship for the Town of Merrimack and the Greater Nashua area.
We are committed to providing the surrounding community, as well as visitors, a place to come and worship God, receive Communion, experience fellowship in prayer and music and provide many of the services commonly associated with a place of worship.
In addition to those services, we also sponsor a child from South America, support a local food pantry and provide other services on a scale with a church family of our comparatively small size.

The Wheeler Chapel Trust makes the building available to multiple support groups and other organizations and events of value to the community.

Faith Church is always interested in expanding the scope of services we can provide to our congregation, the Episcopal Church and the community at large. If you are interested in supporting our efforts in any way, please contact Vicar Patricia Henking via e-mail or call 603-424-6806 or 603-424-3507.

Thank you for your interest.